Synthes K-Wire Set 292.10 292.10 292.10 292.10

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 Synthes K-Wire Module Set 

This Synthes K-Wire Module Set is in great working and cosmetic condition.

What's Included:

Synthes K-Wire 1.0mm Single PT; (REF 292.10); Qty: 1

Synthes K-Wire 1.25mm Single PT; (REF 292.12); Qty: 11

Synthes K-Wire 1.6mm Single PT; (REF 292.16); Qty: 13

Synthes K-Wire 2.0mm Single PT; (REF 292.20); Qty: 21

Synthes K-Wire 1.0mm Double PT; (REF 292.50); Qty: 17

Synthes K-Wire 1.25mm Double PT; (REF 292.52); Qty: 25

Synthes K-Wire 1.6mm Double PT; (REF 292.56); Qty: 21

Synthes K-Wire 2.0mm Double PT; (REF 292.58); Qty: 17

Synthes K-Wire 1.6mm THD Single PT; (REF 292.73); Qty: 14

Synthes K-Wire 2.0mm THD Single PT; (REF 292.79); Qty: 8