Stryker Precision AC Video Tower - CCU, Light Source, Cameras 700-010-000

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Stryker Precision AC Video Tower

This Stryker Precision AC video tower is in excellent cosmetic and working condition.

Biomedically certified, ready for use.

What's Included:

Stryker SDC3™ HD Image Management System; (REF 240-060-1000); Qty: 1

Stryker PRECISION LED Light Source; (REF 220-220-000) Qty: 1

Stryker Precision AC Camera system; (REF 700-010-000) Qty: 1

Stryker SDP1000 Digital Color Printer; (REF 240-080-230); Qty: 1

Stryker Fiber Optic Endoscopy Light Cable; (REF 233-050-069); Qty: 2

Stryker Precision AC Camera Head with Coupler; (REF 0700-410-105); Qty: 2

Stryker IDEAL EYES 4mm 30 Degree Autoclavable Arthroscope; (REF 502-104-030); Qty: 1

Stryker Vision Pro 26" LED Display

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