STRYKER Iconix Drill Guide Set 3910-500-563

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STRYKER Iconix Drill Guide Set 3910-500-563

This STRYKER Iconix Drill Guide Set 3910-500-563 is in great cosmetic and working condition.

What's Included

Stryker Champion Slider Handle ; (REF 3910-500-750);Qty:1

Stryker ICONIX ;(REF 3910-500-563);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix ;(REF 3910-500-565);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix ;(REF 3910-500-562);Qty:1

Styker Iconix ;(REF 3910-500-564);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix 2.3MM GUIDE ;(REF 3910-500-557);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix 1.4 MM GUIDE ;(REF 3910-500-554);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix 2.3mm GUIDE ;(REF 3910-500-556);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix 1.4mm GUIDE ;(REF 3910-500-553);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix 2.3mm Straight Guide ;(REF 3910-500-555);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix 1.4MM Straight Guide Short ;(REF 3910-500-550);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix Straight Guide Short For 2.3mm Anchor;(REF 3910-500-551);Qty:1

Stryker Iconix 1.4MM Straight Guide;(REF 3910-500-552) ;Qty:1