Smith and Nephew 1200 HD Integrated Camera System Endoscopy Tower

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Smith & Nephew HD Integrated Camera System Endoscopy Tower

This Smith & Nephew HD Integrated Camera System Endoscopy Tower is in great cosmetic and working condition.

What's Included:

Smith & Nephew DYONICS 660HD Image Management System Console; (REF 72200242); Qty: 1

Smith & Nephew HD Autoclavable Camera System; (REF 72203361); Qty: 1

Smith & Nephew 500XL Xenon Light Source; (REF 72200568); Qty: 1

Smith & Nephew Dyonics HD1200 Autoclavable Camera; (REF 72203360); Qty: 3

Smith & Nephew 4mm 30 Degrees HD Video Arthroscope; (REF 72202959); Qty: 3

Smith & Nephew Shoulder Rod; (REF 013948); Qty: 1

Smith & Nephew Shoulder Rod Guide; (REF 013950); Qty: 1

Smith & Nephew Fiber Optic Cable; Qty: 3

Sony Monitor; Qty: 1

HP Printer; Qty: 1

Dyonics High Flow Cannulas; (REF 72200829); Qty: 5

Dyonics Conical Tip Obturator; (REF 4356); Qty: 6

Linvatec Obturator; (REF C7194); Qty: 2

Linvatec Inflow/ Out Cannula; (REF C7196); Qty: 2

Dyonics Outflow Cannula w/ Obturator; (REF 7204865); Qty: 1

Dyonics Outflow Cannula q/ Obturator; (REF 7204863); Qty: 1

HP Ink Cartridge; Qty: 3

HP Premium Plus Photo Paper; Qty: 2

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