Skytron 3600B UltraSlide Surgical Table - Fully Refurbished

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Skytron 3600B UltraSlide Surgical Table - Refurbished

Major surgical table intended for General Purpose, Orthopedic, Bariatric, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular, Imaging, Pain Management, Urology procedures. 1000 lb. lift, 800 lb. articulate capacity. Provides up to a 57 inch imaging window, 24 inch Low table height, return-to-level, auto Beach Chair position, removable back & leg sections, full body imaging without accessories, one-touch pendant control. Battery power.

KenMed Surgical refurbished OR tables are carefully inspected and rigorously tested for full functionality and ensuring they meet OEM specifications. Our refurbishment process includes:

- Repair/replacement of damaged parts
- Replacement of missing/rusted hardware
- Repair of all hydraulic leaks
- Replacement of brake pads

- Adjustment of hydraulic valves
- Adjustment of microswitches

- Inspection/repair of hydraulic cylinders
- Inspection/repair of side rails
- Inspection/repair of power cable
- Inspection/repair of hand pendant
- Inspection/repair of electrical wiring
- Inspection/repair of electronic components.

- Detailed cleaning
- Stainless steel polishing
- Re-painting(where applicable)
- Replacement of labels
- Replacement of Velcro
- Replacement of Batteries

What's Included:

Skytron 3600B UltraSlide Surgical Table; (REF 3600B) Qty: 1

Brand New Table Pads

Skytron Table Remote; (REF 6700 Series); Qty: 1


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