NEW Medtronic Visualase MRI-Guided Laser Ablation System - 9735542, M704430B099

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Medtronic Visualase MRI-Guided Laser Ablation System - 9735542, M704430B099

This Visualase MRI-Guided Laser Ablation System is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

This system has been put together for photos and power on testing, this is a new never used system.

Visualase™ MRI-guided laser ablation system lets you monitor tissue ablation in real-time. It provides significant advantages to the patient:

  • Smallest laser catheter on the market - 1.65 mm diameter
  • Requires a very small incision and 3.2 mm burr hole
  • Requires minimal sutures, typically a single stitch
  • Most patients have little or no hair removed
  • Less scarring compared to open procedures
  • Most patients are discharged after a shorter stay compared to open procedures - typically one day3-8
  • Requires no ionizing radiation or large skull flap

What's Included?:

  • Medtronic Visualase 15W Thermal Therapy System - (Ref 9735542), Qty: 1
  • ViewSonic LCD Display - (Ref VS15423), Qty: 2
  • Medtronic PhoTex15 Laser for Visualase - (Ref M704430B099), Qty: 1
  • Medtronic Laser Foot Pedal for Visualase - (Ref 1258586), Qty: 1
  • KMI Infiltration/ Irrigation Pump - (Ref 1000-0031), Qty: 1
  • Air-Seal Foot Switch - (Ref 41DH12), Qty: 1
  • HP Z420 Workstation - (Ref L0P45US#ABA), Qty: 1
  • HP Mouse - (Ref 672651-001), Qty: 1
  • HP Keyboard - (Ref 672646-003), Qty: 1
  • Medtronic Visualase Thermal Therapy System Manual - (Ref 9735605), Qty:1
  • Medtronic Visualase Software User Manual - (Ref 9735603), Qty: 1
  • Medtronic PhoTex15 User Manual - (Ref 9735604), Qty: 1
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