Neuro Instrumentation Needle Holder Scissor Set SS24650T 782-1201-3 3003-182

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V. Mueller Codman Stealth Surgical Life Instrument Scanlan Symmetry Neuro Instrumentation Set

This V. Mueller Stealth Surgical Neuro Instrumentation Set, SS24650T, 782-1201-3, 3003-182, CH0688, CH0684, 80-2954, 80-1533, 40-1022, 80-1531 is in great working and cosmetic condition.

What's Included:

Stealth Surgical R-Type Bayonet Needle Holder, Titanium, 9.5", Curved 0.9mm; (REF SS24650T) Qty: 1

Life Instruments Bayonet Micro Needle Holder, Curved, 120mm Working Length; (REF 782-1201-3) Qty: 1

SCANLAN Micro Needle Holders, Diamond Dust™ Jaws, Round Handle ;(REF 3003-182) Qty:1

V.Mueller Micro Needle Holders, Delicate Touch™, 7 ¼ Inch Length Curved, Dust Teeth Jaws, Round Spring Handle; (REF CH0688) Qty:1

V.Mueller Jacobson Micro Needle Holders, Delicate Touch™, 7 ¼ Inch Length, Round Spring Handle; (REF CH0684) Qty:1

Codman Rhoton Forceps, Bayonet, Titanium, Regular; (REF 80-2954) Qty:1

Symmetry VERITY™ Nerve Hook, Blunt Tip, Titanium; (REF 80-1533) Qty:1

Codman STECHER Arachnoid Knife, Angled Right; (REF 40-1022) Qty:2

Codman Malis Nerve Hook, Titanium Ball Tip, 3mm; (REF 80-1531) Qty:1