Myringotomy ENT Ear Surgical Instruments Ref SP7-34927A AU5182 N608-3 MD887

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Myringotomy Surgical Instruments and Tray Set

This Myringotomy Surgical Instruments and Tray Set is in excellent cosmetic and working condition.

What's Included?:

  • Richards Pick Set Myringotomy Ent - (Ref 13-0xxx), Qty: 49
  • Storz Metal Pick Set Tray, Qty: 1
  • Weck Myringotomy Surgical Pick, Qty: 1
  • V. Mueller Speculum Tip Round Tip Chrome Plated 4mm - (Ref AU5182), Qty: 1
  • Weck Endaural Ear Speculum, Qty: 1
  • Weck Codman 63 Classic Surgical Scissors - (Ref 9-08S), Qty: 1
  • V. Mueller Surgical Scissors - (Ref OP-5793), Qty: 1
  • V. Mueller Fine Serrated Alligator Jaws Forceps - (Ref AU15315), Qty: 1
  • Storz Radpour-House Suction Irrigator 5-7 - (Ref SP7-34927A), Qty: 1
  • Storz Radpour-House Suction Irrigator 6-8 - (Ref N1685 R8), Qty: 1
  • Storz Surgical Suction Tube - (Ref N608-3), Qty: 2
  • Storz Surgical Suction Tube - (Ref N610-5), Qty: 1
  • Richard Surgical Suction Tube - (Ref 24 GA), Qty: 2
  • Richard Surgical Suction Tube - (Ref 20 GA), Qty: 1
  • Aesculap Surgical Suction Tube - (Ref MD887), Qty: 1
  • Storz Ear Hook Curette - (Ref N410-2), Qty: 1
  • Bausch and Lomb Ear Hook Curette - (Ref N0410-1), Qty: 1
  • 3/16" Threaded Shank Drill Bit - (Ref D2102-42), Qty: 1
  • Threaded Drill Bit Holder - (Ref 2102-54), Qty: 1
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