Intuitive 372010/372011 Da Vinci Si 8.5 mm Firefly Fluorescence Imaging Scopes

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Intuitive 372010/372011 Da Vinci Si 8.5 mm Firefly Fluorescence Imaging Scopes 

These two (2) fluorescence imaging scopes from Intuitive Surgical are in very good condition. The set contains a 30-degree slanted scope as well as a 0-degree. These scopes allow real-time identification of anatomy in fluorescence imaging during robotic surgery and come in a sturdy metal storage case.

What's Included?:

  • Intuitive 372010 8.5mm 0 Degree Firefly Fluorescence Imaging Scope
  • Intuitive 372011 8.5mm 30 Degree FireFly Fluorescence Imaging Scope
  • Sterilization Case


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KenMed Surgical - Intuitive 372010:372011 Da Vinci Si 8 5 mm Firefly Fluorescence Imaging Scopes

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