GE OEC Elite CFD 31cm Flat Detector Super C-Arm - VAS 15 Software

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GE OEC Elite CFD 31cm Flat Detector Super C-Arm - VAS 15 Software


These OEC Elite CFD Flat Detector C-Arms are refurbished, PM'd, and ready for use.

Service contracts available.

Rental options (Florida only), leasing options, and buyout options available.


Call for more details!

GE OEC Elite CFD C-Arm

31 cm Flat Detector w/ Bumper

VAS 15 Vascular Software, SUPER C

Motorized C

Refurbished, Calibrated, Ready for Use

31 cm CMOS Flat Detector (CFD)

- CMOS - Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor detector

- DQE(0): 72%

- Active amplification inside pixel for ultra-fast electron mobility

- Active Matrix: 1548x1524 pixels

- Pixel Pitch: 190.0 um

- Nominal resolution (at display): 31 cm: 2.7 lp/mm; 21 cm: 2.8 lp/mm; 15 cm: 2.9 lp/mm

- Quad-mode magnification: Live Zoom fluidly from 1 to 4X with no change in dose; Fixed try-mode Mag settings: 31cm/21cm/15cm

Workstation Display

- 13.6 in Live and Reference Image displayed size

- 1 to 1 detail imaging chain from CMOS detector to 4K display resolution

- Squircle shaped image retains 100% of image when rotated and no cropped or changed view.

- 4K, 32" Ultra high definition (UHD) Color Display

- Monitor displays two split screens for equivalent view of two 20in displays

- 3840x2160 display resolution

- 600 cd/m2 maximum brightness

- Touchscreen interface with anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint

- Easily position monitor to surgical line of sight with display mount on an articulating arm with five movements

What's Included:

GE OEC Elite CFD C-Arm, Super C; (REF OEC Elite) Qty: 1

GE Beam Limiting Device; (REF 5455288-03) Qty: 1

GE Laser Aiming Device; (REF 5440087) Qty: 1

GE Image Receptor; (REF 5457729-02) Qty: 1

GE Remote User Interface; (REF 5719003-01) Qty: 1

GE Hand Control OEC ELITE; (REF 5819193); Qty; 1

GE Foot Switch; (REF 1482807); Qty: 1

GE Skin Spacer - Squircular; (REF 5436688-01) Qty: 2

† Rental is available in the state of Florida for units of 1 month