BrainLab KICK Navigation Station 18070 with KICK Camera Unit - ENT Software

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BrainLab KICK Navigation Station 18070 with KICK Camera Unit 18071 18072 19801

These units are in excellent cosmetic condition.

These have been electrical safety checked ONLY.

What's Included:

  • BrainLab KICK Navigation Station; (REF 18070); Qty: 1
  • BrainLab KICK Monitor Cart; (REF 18071); Qty: 1
  • BrainLab KICK Camera Cart; (REF 18072); Qty: 1
  • BrainLab KICK Mobile Camer Stand; (REF 19801); Qty: 1
  • Kolibri Spectra Camera Kit (REF 18117); Qty: 1
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