Bausch &Lomb Storz Ophthalmics Set E7418 K5-5230 E3312 OP 3281 K5-5082 (QTY 28)

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Bausch & Lomb Storz Ophthalmics E7418 K5-5230 E3312 OP 3281 K5-5082 OP3190 (QTY 28)

This Bausch & Lomb Storz Ophthalmics Set E7418 K5-5230 E3312 OP 3281 K5-5082 OP3190 is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

What's Included:

  • Karl Storz Twist Fixation Hook 0.5mm Rigth (REF E543S); Qty: 1
  • Karl Storz; Troutman Superior Rectus Forceps (REF E1686); Qty: 3
  • Aesculap; (REF 0C020R); Qty: 1
  • Weck; Qty: 1
  • I-tech; (REF IF-340); Qty: 1
  • ASICO Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps, Vault (REF AE-4395 S); Qty: 1
  • Karl Storz; (REF SP7/14572); Qty: 1
  • Utrata Forceps Round Handle (REF K5-5082); Qty: 1
  • Katena; Qty: 1
  • Metico; (REF 2-720); Qty: 1
  • Duckworth Kent; Ophthalmic IOL Folding Forceps (REF DK 7722); Qty: 1
  • Duckworth Kent DK IOL Insertion Forceps Titanium (REF DK7740); Qty: 1
  • Karl Storz Forceps (REF 2-504); Qty: 1
  • Karl Storz; (REF E4056); Qty: 1
  • V.Mueller Troutman Forceps (REF OP- 3281); Qty: 1
  • Storz; Qty: 1
  • Katena; Tennant Tying Forceps Curved; (REF K5-5230); Qty: 1
  • Karl Storz Ophthalmology Troutman Katzin Curved Corneal Scissors; (REF E3312); Qty: 1
  • V.Mueller Troutman Forceps; (REF OP 3281); Qty: 1
  • (REF K5-5082); Qty: 1
  • V.Mueller; (REF OP 3190); Qty: 1
  • Katena Utrata Forceps Round Handle (REF K5-5082); Qty: 2
  • Alcon Grieshaber Ophthalmic Monarch II Loading Forceps Swiss Made (REF 560.01); Qty: 1
  • V. Mueller SU2610 Surgical Dressing Forceps (REF SU 2610); Qty:1
  • Karl Storz Girard Forceps, Colibri Style, Left (REF E3193); Qty: 1
  • Ascon; (REF AE- 8309); Qty: 1
  • Asico Kraff-Utrata Capsulorhexis Forceps (REF AE-4394); Qty: 1
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