Surgery Center Consulting Services

ASC Consulting Services. Turn-Key Buildout Planning that Wont Break the Bank

Planning new ASC Build or expansion of your current operations? KenMed Surgical™offers a range of ASC consulting services to help streamline equipment sourcing, delivery, logistics, and maintenance for your facility.

Surgery Center Consulting Services

Transparent and straightforward, working with a KenMed ASC consultant begins with a Consulting Agreement. After a discovery call, our team will provide an estimated equipment cost for your project based on two tiers of equipment sourcing. Tier I – Current Model Equipment for premier ASC’s, and Tier II – Quality Equipment for the budget conscious ASC builds. The quick estimate includes a variation range to help you make quick work of knowing if you’re on the right track to hit your buildout numbers.

The next step is a fee-based ASC consulting service to complete a detailed equipment plan for your surgery center equipment needs. Our experienced surgery center consultants work with you to determine the right equipment mix for your facility, taking into account your specialty, patient volume, and budget. We can help you identify and source new, refurbished, or remanufactured surgical equipment, all while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Our ASC consultants will review every aspect of the proposal, including detailed lists by room and category. The report will include model names, retail prices, and KenMed prices. There is no obligation to move forward with KenMed, and consulting customers are free to take the detailed report and use it however suits them.

When it comes to equipment sourcing, using an experienced surgery center consultant can save you up to 40-50% of the cost. Refurbished surgical equipment can be an excellent option for those looking to save on costs. Our consultants will help you choose the right refurbished equipment for your facility, ensuring it is safe, reliable, and meets your requirements.

Our surgery center consulting services charge a consulting fee that is entirely transparent and straightforward. It is calculated based on the scope of work and the time required to complete the project. The best part is that 100% of the consulting fee is applied to contracted equipment placement services. This means that if you choose KenMed Surgical as your equipment supplier, the entire consulting fee will be credited towards your equipment purchase.

Equipment Sourcing

The Benefits of working with KenMed Surgical don’t stop there. With KenMed as your sourcing partner, 100% of the ASC consulting service fee is applied towards your equipment purchases and the final price and delivery time in the proposal are guaranteed.*

- Consulting fee applied to equipment purchase

- Guaranteed Total Equipment Cost

- Equipment delivered “Patient Ready.” Cleaned, tested, repaired, and refreshed

- Safe and secure storage during your buildout

- Delivery and installation* on time

- Blanket Warranty – Clear and transparent warranty on all equipment, held by KenMed

- Extended Service and Maintenance Contracts available.

At KenMed Surgical, we are committed to helping you save money without sacrificing quality. Our surgery center consulting services are designed to streamline your surgery center's equipment sourcing process, helping you make informed decisions and achieve cost savings.

Logistics and Maintenance

KenMed Surgical provides comprehensive logistics delivery planning for all equipment sourced through our company. We take care of everything from storage, cleaning, testing, and certification, ensuring that your equipment is patient-ready and meets all safety and regulatory requirements.

We provide a warranty for all the equipment we supply, which begins the day it is delivered. We are also your single point of contact, making facility planning easy. With KenMed Surgical, you have one company handling all aspects of equipment sourcing, delivery, and support.

Blanket Financing

Financing options are also available to help you manage your cash flow and keep your project moving forward. We also have experience working with privately funded and bank-financed buildouts and can help you find the right financing option for your needs.

At KenMed Surgical, our ASC consultants are dedicated to providing the best possible surgery center consulting and logistics services to healthcare providers across the country. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline equipment sourcing, delivery, and maintenance for your facility.

* Terms and Conditions apply