Used, Reconditioned, or Refurbished Surgical equipment.. .what should you know?

Used, Reconditioned, or Refurbished Surgical equipment.. .what should you know?

What’s the difference between “Used, Reconditioned, and Refurbished”

The secondary market for surgical equipment is a great place to find incredible deals, but it can be a bit disconcerting if you’re not familiar with the terms and what you might be getting.

Everyone who buys equipment in the secondary market (this is a fancy way of saying “used equipment”) wants something only slightly used, in great condition, and at a great price.

KenMed Supply only sells Reconditioned or Refurbished equipment so our customers can buy with supreme confidence.  If you don’t know the difference yet, let’s start with a few definitions.


Used simply means pre-owned and subjected to prior use. Typically, used medical equipment is sold as-is with no recourse to the seller as to usability or functional life.  It is not uncommon for surgical equipment that is only listed as “used” to simply be pulled from service in one place and offered for sale.

Used surgical equipment is usually the lowest cost way to buy pre-owned surgical equipment.

With used equipment, it may or may not be inspected and have all accessories.  Most equipment that is simply used has not been tested, and may need to be cleaned prior to being put into service.

While all equipment that is not new is technically “used,” there are a few additional terms for pre-owned equipment that can be helpful in your search. 


Used medical equipment that has been reconditioned typically means that the seller has taken care to clean and test the equipment, and this is the category of equipment that KenMed Supply most often sells.

We look for mostly recent model equipment (current or previous generation), equipment in good condition from reputable sources (directly from hospitals or surgery centers that we have relationships with), and that we know our customers would be interested in. 

Each new item that enters our inventory goes through a six step process before it is listed for sale.  This process includes close inspection, testing of all parts, cables, and accessories, thorough cleaning of primary units and all peripherals, research on proper specs, well photographed, and warrantied for 30 days post sale

For larger or more complicated items, we have a partnership with a biomedical firm that performs factory certified testing to ensure that the items we sell are in good working condition.

Reconditioned medical equipment can be bought with confidence and in most cases can be entered into service immediately upon receipt.  In most cases, Reconditioned surgical equipment costs more than simply used, but less than refurbished equipment.


Refurbished medical equipment usually includes everything that goes into reconditioned equipment, with the extra step that a manufacturer authorized technician has inspected, repaired, and certifies the equipment as refurbished.

This is the highest level of used equipment and can come with longer warranty times and the highest prices of any used surgical equipment.


All pre-owned equipment is used, but not all used equipment is the same.

USED SURGICAL EQUIPMENT: sold as is, usually with little or no cleaning, testing, or certification.

RECONDITIONED SURGICAL EQUIPMENT: Sold with a limited warranty, cleaned, tested, inspected, repaired when needed, and sometimes paired with desirable accessories or options. 

REFURBISHED SURGICAL EQUIPMENT: Usually sold with a longer warranty, and has been cleaned, tested and repaired by a manufacturer certified technician.

You can buy with confidence knowing that KenMed Supply sells only reconditioned or refurbished surgical equipment.

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