Surgical Equipment Planning Services for new Surgery Centers

Surgical Equipment Planning for New Surgery Center

KenMed Surgical’s  Team specializes in surgical equipment planning for new surgery centers. With the rise in outpatient surgeries, proper planning and procurement of medical equipment have become crucial for building surgical centers.

Why Surgical Equipment Planning is Essential

KenMed Surgical’s experts assist with equipment wish lists, offering insight and feature comparisons for necessary hospital equipment and medical devices. We provide detailed information on life-cycle costs and product specifications to help make informed decisions. The team supports clients from start to finish, offering turn-key services that include equipment selection, installation, staff training, and setting up technical support and maintenance plans to meet all needs cost-effectively.

The Role of Surgical Equipment Planning in Surgery Centers

Surgery centers offer numerous benefits to patients, aligning with patient-centric care by leveraging advancements in medical technology to perform less invasive surgeries. These centers lower costs by eliminating various hospital charges, making procedures more affordable and convenient for patients.


 Equipment Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide

For those in hospital management, here’s how to start building a surgery center:

Purchasing Capital Medical Equipment

KenMed Surgical assists facilities in planning and providing equipment for all areas of the surgery center, such as anesthesia machines, surgical tables, stretchers, and patient monitors.

Steps to Assess Your Needs in Building a Surgery Center

  1. Reach Out to Physicians: Engage physicians specializing in your selected outpatient surgeries for insights and potential partnerships.
  2. Identify the Facility: Consider the cost, regulatory requirements, and essential infrastructures like waiting rooms and information desks.
  3. Source Medical Equipment: Consult with partnered physicians on the necessary equipment, focusing on essentials like surgical tables and monitoring equipment.
  4. Devise a Patient Care Plan: Ensure you have the medical care providers needed for patient care before, during, and after procedures.
  5. Aim for Growth: Once operational, aim to expand by hiring more physicians and increasing the range of outpatient surgeries offered.
  6. Work with Experienced Professionals: KenMed Surgical’s team offers guidance and insights based on their extensive experience with other surgical centers.

By following these steps and utilizing KenMed Surgical’s comprehensive planning services, new medical facilities can effectively build and manage surgery centers, ensuring they meet all patient and operational needs efficiently.