Surgery Center ASC Buyout Consulting and Logistics

Surgery Center ASC Buyout Consulting and Logistics

If you are considering buying the equipment from an existing or out of business ASC for use in your own facility, this article is for you!

Over the 12 years that we have been working in refurbished capital surgical equipment, consulting on jobs of this type are our favorite, and our team enjoys flexing our expertise to make the transaction smooth and easy for our clients. 

 We have a range of options for our consulting services based on our experience working with jobs of this type, and look forward to collaborating on how to best support you.  


In complex offer situations like this, having an experienced capital surgical advocate can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in overage costs because the margin for error when buying and selling used capital surgical can be huge.  Most Materials Managers and Surgical Directors may know how much they paid for a piece of equipment, but don’t understand the current market value is or what it takes to prepare a used item to return to patient-ready service.  

 Take for example, an anesthesia machine that originally cost $70k new and is 5 years old.  The current owner may think it’s worth $30k or see them online for $25k and believe that is their sale value.  In reality, that same anesthesia machine may sell at auction for $6k, require $3k in service, and retail for closer to $14k.  

 We are experienced at quickly valuing quantities of equipment for purchase, writing offers for or on behalf of clients, on-site inspections, and cost justification, all of which add up to big savings.


Additionally, the KenMed team has developed expert skills at carefully coordinating and executing complex equipment moves that involve expensive and difficult logistics with multiple vendors across state lines.  Our team has moved thousands of items, booked hundreds of LTL and full truck moves, and contracted with local site-labor to ensure that our surgical items are safely and securely gathered at the origination site, and delivered unharmed to the destination.  We carry a $2M GL liability policy, and a blanket shipment insurance policy. 

 We have multiple happy referrals for our logistics work, and look forward to adding you to that list. 


Converting used equipment to refurbished, patient-ready equipment is often not an easy task.  KenMed tackles by employing a team of experienced BioMed Engineers with a broad range of expertise in testing and repairing used equipment to mfg specifications.  Independent Biomed companies can charge exorbitant travel and hourly fees that make re-certifying bulk buy equipment cost prohibitive.  KenMed offers this service in conjunction with our facility purchase consulting on a cost-effective bulk rate percentage, giving you peace of mind at the most attractive price point. 


These services are offered in tiers with each one building on the next, and all are based on a percentage override of the gross offer amount for simplicity. 


TIER I: Review & Feedback: 10% of gross offer

  • Review complete package offering 
  • Provide suggested offer pricing based on auction, wholesale, and refurbished retail historical pricing
  • Feedback on item age and efficacy
  • Site Visit (excluding travel cost) to inspect equipment 
  • Write up offer letter (can be submitted via you or via KenMed)
  • Assist in negotiations and justifications after offer is submitted. 
  • (Optional) Facilitate payment and fund transfers (invoices and payments go through KenMed)


TIER II: White Glove Logistical Support: Additional 5% of gross offer

  • Arrange and manage packing, de-installation of equipment as is where is
  • Arrange insured transport from origination to destination facility (cost of transport billed separately)
  • Manage off loading at destination site or storage facility


TIER III: White Glove Patient-ready testing & installation: Additional 5% of gross offer

  • Arrange installation (idk if we want to do this?)
  • Clean, test, inspect, and PM items as patient ready
  • Printed operating and instruction manuals as available
  • (does not include clinical instruction or demonstration)



Whichever way you choose to go, we’re excited to be a part of this big move for you, and we look forward to collaborating on the best way to support you.