Increase your buying power 22%

Increase your buying power 22%

Savings are great but coupons aren’t

When you have to stick to a budget, the only way to get more is to spend less on as many things as you can.  There aren’t many coupons for surgical equipment, so that can mean hunting, searching, and bidding on items far and wide to find what you need at the right price.  But like on those coupon clipping shows where someone buys a week’s worth of groceries for $3.65 after turning in a ton of coupons, it sounds great, but who has time for that?

KenMed Supply makes it easy.  Our customers who send us their capital equipment lists enjoy on average a 65% savings on the current model, patient-ready capital equipment they purchase from us, and unlike all those coupon clippers, it doesn’t take long for those savings to add up.  It’s like getting the coupons without having to read the newspaper and clip them. 

Here’s how one customer increased her buying power 22% working with us.


We have a great relationship with a nearby Materials Manager who in FY’18 had a capital equipment budget of $1.2M.  She shares her needs list with us, allowing us to use our multiple channels to look specifically for the equipment she needs most.

Over the course of the year, she bought 30 items from us, large and small, spending $143k on items she would have had to spend $378k on from her normal vendors (you can see the full list at the bottom of this post).  That’s a 62% savings just for letting us look for items for her.

It gets even better though, because we also gave her $30k in credit for some unused equipment and disposables in her storage closet that would have otherwise gone unused, been thrown away, or would have been donated.  This increased her overall savings to 70% for the year.

Simple math tells us that getting $1.5M worth of equipment for the same $1.2M she had to spend initially, means that she increased her buying power 22%, simply by sharing her list and letting us quote equipment she was going to have to buy anyway. 

Can you think of an easier way to save money? 

You can save too

Cut out using coupons, and use KenMed Supply instead.  We’ll take the hassle out of buying reconditioned & refurbished, current model, patient-ready equipment, and we’ll deliver it with a 1 year manufacturer’s defect warranty.

There’s no cost or obligation.  To get started, call, email or fill out the form below.

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Fig 1.1, List of equipment purchased, including qty, KenMed’s final price, and comparable MSRP*

Fig 1.1, KenMed Surgical Equipment Savingsd

*The items used in this example are actual items purchased at actual prices.  Prices do fluctuate based on availability and demand.  Not all products are kept in stock and there is no guarantee that an exact match of equipment or price would be available in the future, though we try our best.