GE CARESCAPE B450 Patient Monitors – Ready to ship!

GE CARESCAPE B450 Patient Monitors – Ready to ship!

If you’re looking for patient monitors for your facility, consider the flexible and affordable GE CARESCAPE B450 patient monitor.

When it comes to patient data, health care professionals need the best of both stationary and mobile monitoring. We currently have the GE CARESCAPE B450 patient monitoring system.

This device is ideal for transporting patients in health care facilities thanks to the removable data module on the back. When a patient moves from one station to another, the module slided off and continues measurements during transport.  As soon as the module is returned, the trend data are transferred seamlessly,.

All of this is viewable thanks to a 12 inch touch screen LCD screen. Thanks to GE’s peer to peer networking option will allow the data on one to be viewed on another.

We can fulfill your request with our available inventory, with all accessories and adapters included.

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