GE CARESCAPE B450 Patient Monitors – Ready to ship!

GE CARESCAPE B450 Patient Monitors – Ready to ship!

When selecting patient monitors for a medical facility, the GE CARESCAPE B450 patient monitor stands out as a flexible and cost-effective option that effectively blends stationary and mobile monitoring capabilities. This advanced monitoring system is currently available and is highly recommended for healthcare settings that prioritize seamless patient care transitions.

The GE CARESCAPE B450 is particularly advantageous for transporting patients within medical facilities. It features a unique removable data module located on the back of the device. This module allows for the continuous monitoring of a patient’s vital signs during movement from one location to another. As the patient is moved, the module can be easily detached and reattached without interrupting the flow of data. Once reconnected at a new location, the monitor seamlessly resumes data tracking, updating all trend data accumulated during transport.

This monitor is equipped with a 12-inch touchscreen LCD, offering clear, accessible displays of patient information. The touchscreen functionality enhances user interaction, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly navigate through different screens and access vital data with minimal effort. Additionally, GE’s innovative peer-to-peer networking feature enhances the functionality of this system by allowing the data from one monitor to be viewed on another within the same network. This capability is crucial for ensuring that patient data can be accessed by multiple members of the medical team, regardless of their specific location within the facility.

Our current inventory includes the GE CARESCAPE B450 complete with all necessary accessories and adapters, ensuring it is ready for immediate deployment in your facility. With its blend of mobility, ease of use, and comprehensive data management, the GE CARESCAPE B450 is an excellent choice for healthcare facilities looking to enhance their patient monitoring systems. Whether for use in intensive care units, general wards, or specialized departments, this monitor is designed to meet a wide range of medical monitoring needs efficiently and reliably.

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