ASC - Limited Time: Equipment Planning Service

If your ASC is in Florida, if you haven't used an equipment planning service, and you are interested in paying $0 for $8,000 in services, keep reading.


Beginning next year, KenMed will be offering a full suite of Biomedical Services in selected locations.  To kick off that program, we are offering a select number facilities a selection of the new services at no cost and no obligation. What's included?

  • Electrical Safety Check - up to $2,500
  • "Relax and Save" Equipment Life Cycle Plan - up to $6,000
  • End of Life Equipment quotes
  • Service Contract Quote



KenMed is re-imagining the Electrical Safety Check (ESC), which is the most basic part of keeping your facility's equipment in good working order. 

This ESC will include detailed testing and documentation of all of your plug-in capital surgical equipment.

At the same time, KenMed will capture the equipment information to make a complete life cycle plan using our "Relax and Save" Program. (read more below)



An Equipment Life Cycle plan will save your facility thousands in replacement costs, and smooth our your capital equipment cash flow, and will detail the useful life of all of the equipment in your facility, prioritizing critical components that should be replaced to ensure uninterrupted operation.  With ASC plans running $6000 per study, few facilities invest early to save later. 

KenMed will use the information we gather during the ESC to generate a complete facility equipment life cycle plan, which allows us to offer the Life Cycle plan at no additional cost.


Relax and Save is KenMed's branded Life Cycle Planning solution.  The plan includes a complete list of replacement options, prices, recommended timeline, and trade in value of your current equipment. 

Having your life cycle plan and replacement options on hand can save tens of thousands of dollars and hours of urgent phone calls and emails that you would have to do if some of your equipment failed suddenly.

When you receive the quotes, there is no obligation to purchase from KenMed, but when you see the quality of our work, we know you'll want to stick with us.

Watch the 2 minute Relax and Save video to learn more.




It is often that we are asked about whole or partial facility service contracts.  With the Electrical Safety Check, you'll also receive a detailed quote for a labor only service contract that would expedite the repair process in the event that you experienced an outage of any kind.




Quite a bit of the equipment in your facility also needs regular PM (Preventative Maintenance) done according to manufacturer's recommendations.  This can include testing, replacing wear parts, upgrading software and more. 

At the conclusion of your Electrical Safety Check, you'll also receive a complete list of every piece of equipment that requires PM, and a quote to cover all of the recommended PM's on an annual basis in the event that you don't opt for the Service Contract, you can choose the PM schedule separately.




We feel confident that when you see the quality of each of these reports and see the professionalism of our team, and see the great equipment deals and top notch equipment, that you'll be encouraged to place future equipment orders with us. 

We are so confident in this, that we are willing to provide you with $8,000 in services at no cost and with no obligation contract.


Call or email today to learn more or to get started.



** Free Electrical Safety check is limited to ASC's in Florida.  The promotion is limited to a total of 5 (five) ASC's, and FSASC members are prioritized.