Annual Inspection - Electrical Safety Check

Annual Inspection - Electrical Safety Check

Annual Electrical Safety Inspections.

During your annual Electrical Safety Inspection, all electric medical devices and clinical equipment that comes in contact with patients or is used in patient vicinity is tested to ensure it complies with NFPA99 specifications. At the conclusion, you will receive, listing of all inspected equipment with the status and measurement.

All equipment information; model, serial number, equipment type, and test data is recorded and given a control number, and facilities have the option of including a "TEST PASSED" dated sticker at no extra charge.


Why ASC's Need Annual Electrical Safety Inspections

Having your equipment in proper working order and correctly grounded  is essential for your facility’s protection, not only financially, but to protect your reputation and patients.

The Biggest benefit to this low cost annual service is the visual inspection of the device by one of KenMed's experienced Biomed engineers. Feedback from this hands-on test can give an early warning that a piece of equipment is aging or headed towards issues.

If you have equipment on a lease or loan program, be sure to keep a regular inspection log. While you may not own the equipment, having faulty apparatus is a reflection on you.


Where is the Electrical Equipment Inspection done?

The Biomedical Electrical Safety Check takes place right within your facility. In the event that any equipment is not up to standard or has an electrical issue, it should be taken out of service immediately. A service call can be booked to schedule repairs on site or in some situations brought back to KenMed or your own biomed service shop for repair.


What medical equipment needs to be checked?

Any Electrical Medical Equipment that is used on or within a patient care area needs to be checked and inspected.

The following is a simple Checklist, but not limited to equipment that would require an Electrical Safety Inspection at least once a year. This should be performed by a trained biomed who will also provide a Report of Certification for your facility.

Typical Equipment Checklist

  • Exam Tables

  • Operatory & Examination Lights

  • Suction Pump

  • Oxygen Concentrators & Ventilator Equipment

  • Anesthesia Unit

  • Patient Vital Monitors

  • Defibrillators

  • Patient Scales

  • EKG

  • Microscopes

  • Centrifuge

  • Autoclave

  • Ultrasound

Have a Strategy!

Having properly functioning medical equipment is vital to a smoothly run and organized establishment, and it doesn’t stop there!  A well planned and maintained environment is an incentive for a happy and efficient staff, and consequently restful & reassured patients along with their families. 



Electrical Safety Inspection is the lowest cost high value PMs you can do. For independent ASC's, KenMed bases pricing on OR count, and with no travel charge within 50 miles of 32707.

KenMed "Relax and Save" customers save even more.

For a complete cost break down or for questions, contact us today!