To fully accommodate the needs of our healthcare customers, every piece of surgical equipment we sell is also eligible for trade. If your capital budget is running tight, or you would like to unload equipment of similar value, our team will be more than happy to negotiate a surgical equipment trade. The negotiation process is always friendly and collaborative where our representatives will work to ensure that the trade is as beneficial to you as it is to us.

On our end, we guarantee that each item in our inventory has gone through a professional inspection and testing, and professionally repaired if necessary, to satisfy the highest standards for performance. On your end, we’ll ensure that the value of your piece of equipment is determined fairly by market standards. In certain cases, we may even wish to see the piece of equipment in person for us to determine the most accurate appraisal possible. We do our due diligence to ensure that the surgical equipment trade was equally advantageous to both parties. All our surgical equipment comes with a 90-day guarantee, so you’ll never get stuck with something that isn’t to your liking.

We conduct our surgical equipment trades in Florida and are happy to pack, pick-up, and deliver equipment anywhere statewide. We pride ourselves on our rapid fast turn-around, and full-scale customer service. Hospitals and various practices across Florida prefer to work with KenMed Supply because we are an all-in-one surgical resource. Instead of having to rely on multiple companies to accomplish one project, let KenMed Supply be your one source for high-quality equipment, industry expertise, and hassle-free logistics.

For more information about our surgical equipment trading process, get in touch at (407) 284-1660. To submit a trade request, please fill out the equipment request form. A customer service professional will reach out to you shortly to strike up a conversation and set up a stress-free Florida surgical equipment trade.