Reducing our carbon footprint

By extending the useful life of unused surgical equipment, the nature of our business is environmentally friendly.

Every time our customers buy a used piece of equipment vs. a new one, they are saving money and making a statement about getting the most use out of equipment that has already been manufactured.

Every time one of our hospital partners sells us their unused equipment, they are  making money on unused assets and allowing these items to go back into the working pool of equipment for someone else to use.

But that is not enough, so KenMed Supply works diligently to decrease our carbon and environmental footprint.  We have implemented a number of new measures over the last 18 months and are always eager for tips and suggestions to do better.

Here are some of the ways we’re making a difference.

UPS-carbon-neutral-shipping-offsets-photo01 HD_407

Multi-Depth Boxes

Working closely with our shipping supply provider, ULine, we have selected a series of multi-depth boxes.  This allows us to easily cut down an individual box to a smaller size to better fit the item we are shipping.

  • Reduced Packing Filler
  • Increased shipping density (more boxes, less space)

Recycled Paper Filler

Empty space in a box needs to be filled to keep items safe.  KenMed Supply uses

  • 100% post consumer recycled paper filler that can be re-recycled
  • 0 Styrofoam peanuts
  • Minimal plastic bubble protection


Right Sized Boxes

Working closely with Uline, we increased the number of different sized boxes by 65%.  This allows us to select a box that is JUST the right size to protect your valuable items during transit.

kraft-corrugated-boxes-250x250 2

UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping

On every UPS shipment that leaves the KenMed Facility, we always choose the Carbon Neutral shipping option.  The additional cost is minimal, while the cumulative impact of offsetting these carbon emissions is immeasurable.

You can learn more about UPS’ program here


Eco Thermostats

We use Nest thermostats for all of our office and warehouse climate control.  All of the thermostats are on timers, ensuring we use the least amount of electricity necessary to keep our office and all of our valuable inventory comfy and protected.

Reuse Bubble and filler

We receive as many shipments as we send, and we are able to save and reuse  65% of the bubble and filler material from those packages.  We carefully remove the packaging that can be reused, and store it in our shipping area.

When you receive a package from us with mis-matched bubble and filler, you’ll know it’s because of our recycling program


These are some of the ways we are being mindful of our impact.  If you have a suggestion or question about what we’re doing, please drop us a line!