ConMed Linvatec Shoulder Restoration Instrument RCR-Tray ConMed Spectrum II Set


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ConMed Linvatec Shoulder Restoration Instrument RCR-Tray ConMed Spectrum II Set

This ConMed Linvatec Shoulder Repair Set is in excellent cosmetic and working condition.

What’s Included?:

– ConMed Linvatec GU1009 Katana High Strength Suture Cutter
– ConMed Linvatec GU1008 Raven Suture Retriever 35 Degree Up
– Shutt-Linvatec 11.1001  Grasping Forceps, Straight
– Shutt-Linvatec 16.1018 Suture Retrieval Forcep
– Depuy Mitek Epressew III AutoCapture+ Flexible Suture Passer
– ConMed C6350 Spectrum II Handle 
– ConMed C6365 90 Degree Left Suture Hook
– CoMed C6364 90 Degree Right Suture Hook
– ConMed C6361 45 Degree Left Suture Hook
– ConMed C6360 45 Degree Right Suture Hook
– ConMed C6368 Suture Hook Straight
– ConMed C6369 Small Crescent Suture Hook 3 x 15mm
– ConMed C6370 Medium Crescent Suture Hook 4 x 20mm
– ConMed C6371 Large Crescent Suture Hook 6 x 25mm
– ConMed Y-CG00 1.3mm Curved Drill Guide
– ConMed Y-G001 Drill Guide, Fishmouth, 1.3mm
– ConMed Y-G002 Drill Guide, Crown, 1.3mm
– ConMed PFT-45M 4.5mm CrossFT Broaching Punch
– ConMed TFT-65M 6.5mm CrossFT Tap
– ConMed PKL-35M 3.5mm Poplok Punch
– ConMed Shutt-Linvatec 25.50014 Suture Liberator Knife
– (2) ConMed 2220 Switching Sticks
– Loop Handle Knot Pusher
– ConMed C7380 5 x 85mm Reusable Obturator
– ConMed C7395 8 x 85mm Reusable Obturator
– (2) ConMed C8507 Guardsman 7mm Graft Protectors

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Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 12 in