ASP 10033 Sterrad NX Sterilizer – Refurbished, PM’d $5000 Value, Cart & Extras!

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ASP 10033 Sterrad NX Sterilizer – Refurbished, PM’d $5000 Value, Cart & Extras!

This Sterrad NX is in excellent working condition. There are some minor scratches near the top of the sterilizer which are simply cosmetic and does not affect the integrity of the machine.

Both PM1 and PM 2 have been performed and include the following:

– Vacuum Pump Oil Replacement
– Vacuum Pump Conical Screen Filter Replacement
– Oil Mist Filer Replacement
– Air Filter Replacement
– Main Air Filter Replacement
– Catalytic Converter Replacement
– Vent Valve HEPA Filter Replacement
– Replacement of Hydrogen Peroxide Detector Lens
– UV Bulb and Lens Replacement
– Delivery Valve Replacement Subsystem
– Air Pump Tubing Replacement
– Door Seal O-Ring Replacement
– Replace Chamber/Electrode Plastics
– Thermistor Resistance Calibration and Verification of all Thermistors
– Chamber Thermistor Replacement
– Door Thermistor Replacement
– Condenser/Vaporizer Thermistors Replacement
– Check Date/Time and Reset PM Cycles Intervals
– Run Successful Test Cycle

What’s Included?:

ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer – (Ref 10033), Qty: 1

ASP Sterrad NX Sterilizer Cart – (Ref 10300), Qty: 1

3M Bowie-Dick Plus Test Pack – (Ref 00135LF), Qty: 4

Hospital Grade Power Supply – Qty: 1

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